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Pagoda Project

Paul Hutchinson, also known for Belshazzars Feast, and Karen Wimhurst, previously a member of the Cauld Blast Orchestra, have a wealth of musical experience in a diverse range of genres from classical to folk.  Both are talented composers, educators and performers and are highly regarded musicians in their own right.

"The music is beautiful and measured, a real pleasure to settle in and get familiar of calm and balm bringing a measure if sympathy and healing to a strange and deadly world. "

                                                                 Tim Cumming SONGLINES

Captivating and original, Folk Jazz fusion

Created by Paul Hutchinson (Piano Accordion) and Karen Wimhurst (Clarinets) to evolve their fusion sound, Pagoda Project brings together a unique blend of traditional folk music with jazz improvisation to create a warm and dynamic sound.


by Pagoda Project

in Songlines Magazine

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